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About the Founder

Mark Smith is the founder of Concours By Appointment and the developer PORS9 Registry and 2nd Hammer. Known in the global Porsche® community for the Rare Porsches® archival websites, he has managed tens of millions of dollars in vehicle transactions working with some of the most prolific and well known Porsche® collectors, dealers and traders from around the world. Many of the vehicles he has sourced have become main attractions at some of the worlds biggest auctions such as Pebble Beach and Amelia Island.

His background in collectible high value auto brokerage and hands on development of technology platforms are the genesis for PORS9. PORS9 is the world’s only platform which fuses owner data, vehicle specifications and marketplace intelligence to create a unique resource for traders in North American Porsches®.

He is an avid cyclist (cyclocross/mountain/sportbikes), go-karter, snow hiker (shoes/skijoring) and scuba diver. Most of his time is spent in northern Nevada and California wine country with his wife and dog. His most cherished vehicle is his 1 of 1 spec’d Metallic Black 1994 Turbo S Flachbau.