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Porsche Heritage Design Packages


Porsche Heritage Design Packages

Retro Cool or Overdone Concept?

The Skinny

In June 2019 Porsche discussed its strategy for limited series (numbered) ‘Heritage’ branded vehicles. Dusting off the old playbook to dress a new model with that of an iconic model was the start of the Porsche Heritage Design Strategy – a collaborative effort between Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur and “Style Porsche” design department. Now a total of four models are planned to be involved.

The 991 Speedster was the first of these limited series to offer the Heritage Design option [it is not made clear that the 991 Speedster was the first of the four cited by Porsche but it is implied that it was]. Although all 911 Speedsters were numbered, the Heritage with its fixed package of design options was to be unique among them. With its own unique accompanying optional wrist watch. It seemed to be special. But did the market think so?

A quick spin on the P9 Search App tells us that only 233 of the 707 units delivered to North America were ‘Heritage’ models. That is less than 1/3rd. Assuming that extrapolates to the global delivery of the 1948 991 Speedster units that would only be around 640 in Heritage dress..

Porsche has recently announced that the second in the series will be a 992 Targa 4S Heritage Edition, to be built in a limited number of 992 units … not a retro number for sure. With standard 4S available drivetrain components and some special paint options it’s certainly not anywhere as unique as the 991 Speedster. And in fact it seems little more than a pure marketing ploy.

As Automobile Magazine so well summed it up, ‘All of this adds up to a $45,400 price increase compared to the standard 2021 Porsche 911 Targa 4S MSRP of $136,550, and it makes the car seem a bit like a fashion accessory rather than a blast-from-the-past retro ride.‘

The Targa is already a popular seller for Porsche so what is a ‘Heritage’ add on really worth to buyers? It doesn’t seem like a collectible in any way. Are matching wrist watches enough to sell them out quickly or will they linger? One should guess there will be no ‘ADM’ on these and we’d bet that there will be little reason for the remaining Porsche VIP’s to get locked into one. Will dealers bother to order any inventory? We think the answer to these questions will be no.

Let’s hope the next ‘Heritage’ model will be something truly worthy of a numbered series like almost all of its predecessors.


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