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options 997.2 GT2 RS

Code Description Detail
191 Lightweight Lithium Ion Battery Reduces weight from standard battery by over 22 pounds. Note: The functionality of this battery is limited at temperatures below 32 degrees F. This option is not recommended for vehicles that may be driven at temeperatures below freezing.
346 Wheels Painted Silver The wheels are painted in Silver and have hub covers with a full-color Porsche crest.
377 Adaptive Sport Seat Left
378 Adaptive Sport Seat Right
430 Standard 19″ GT3 Wheels with Center Lock
490 Sound Package Plus Analog Sound-System with CD storage in glove compartment. Includes 9 loudspeakers and 235 watt output.
509 Fire Extinguisher DIN EN3-compliant powder-based system containing 1 kg of extinguishant. Stows neatly beneath driver’s seat.
555 3 Point Seat Belts Black
585 Cupholders
589 Carbon Front Fender
600 Lightweight Headlights Halogen headlights (without headlight washer system). Reduces weight from standard Bi-Xenon headlights with headlight washer system by approximately 13.2 pounds.
619 Bluetooth Phone Interface Bluetooth Interface for hands free mobile phone use. Operation of basic phone functions on PCM or multi-function steering wheel (if applicable).
639 Chrono Package Includes analog and digital timer system on dashboard.
640 Chrono Package Plus Analog and digital chronometer, sport button in the center console and display in the PCM, also adds ability to adjust lighting, wipers, AC and door locking to suit personal preference.
672 Navigation Module for PCM GPS Navigation module with extended navigation, including dynamic route calculation, automoatic route recording, and back track navigation. Facilitates navigation in unmapped areas.
686 XM Radio Allows reception of XM Satellite Radio and XM NavTraffic.
740 Show Finish
741 Press Finish
810 Floor Mats Interior Color
841 3 Spoke Sport Steering Wheel Leather
870 Universal Audio Interface On vehicles not equipped with PCM, includes an Auxiliary-In port. On PCM equipped vehicles, includes an iPod® port, a USB port for memory sticks or MP3 players, and an Auxiliary-In port for other external devices. iPods and USB sticks are fully controllable via PCM. For other auxiliary devices, a limited range of functions are accessible via PCM.
900 Tourist Delivery Preparation
9991 All Exclusive Options Stitching Deviating Color
24901 Dashboard Stitching Deviating Color
24902 Door Stitching Deviating Color
24904 Side Center Console Stitching Deviating Color
24905 Rear Side Panel Stitching Deviating Color
25851 Seat Stitching Deviating Color
26391 Door Handle Pulls Stitching Deviating Color to Sample
CFX Floor Mats with Colored Trim Set of two floor mats. Smooth leather surround, including double stitching.
CGU Headlamp Cleaner Covers Painted Deviating Color
CLA Thick Steering Wheel Alcantara Thicker steering wheel rim in Alcantara black with cross-stitched seam. Airbag module is not in Alcantara.
CLV Thick Steering Wheel Black/Red Alcantara Thicker steering wheel rim in Alcantara black/red with cross-stitched seam. Airbag module is not in Alcantara.
CLW Storage Bin Lid Red Alcantara with Porsche Logo
CRU Wheels Painted Black
CUF PCM Package Painted Exterior Color PCM trim, climate control trim, lower switch trim, and lower storage bin painted in exterior color.
CUR PCM Package Leather Smooth leather finish in interior color on PCM trim, climate control trim, lower switch trim, lower storage bin.
DZF Customization Package DZF
DZH Customization Package DZH
DZL Customization Package DZL
EZD Extended Carbon Package Side air vents and central air vent in Carbon finish. Side air vent slats and central air vent slats including switch trim in smooth leather finish in interior color.
P01 Adaptive Sport Seats Sport seats with electric adjustment for all seat functions, adjustable side bolsters, memory function for seat, and mirrors. Includes lumbar adjustment on driver side. Seatbacks in Volcano Grey.
P12 Self Dimming Mirrors with Rain Sensor Automatically dimming interior and exterior mirrors with integrated rain sensor.
P23 PCM 3.0 with Extended Navigation 6.5″ screen with touchscreen controls. Dual tuner audio system with integrated MP3-able CD/DVD-player supporting audio/video DVDs, GPS harddisc-based navigation module with dynamic route planning. On board computer with simultaneous indicator of basic audio and navigation.
TD5 Tourist Delivery
XJJ Belt Outlets B Pillars Carbon
XLG Storage Bin Lid Alcantara with Porsche Logo
XME Rear Center Console Painted Exterior Color Paint finish in exterior color on rear section of center console, including ashtray cover and storage tray rear on section of center console. Leather finish in interior color on handbrake lever recess trim.
XMJ Rear Center Console Carbon Rear section of center console including ashtray cover, storage tray rear section of center console in carbon finish. Handbrake lever recess trim in leather finish in interior color.
XMZ Rear Center Console Leather Rear section of center console including ashtray cover, storage tray rear section of center console, and handbrake lever recess trim in smooth leather finish in interior color.
XNS Steering Column Leather Steering column casing (three-part) in smooth leather finish in interior color.
XSC Porsche Crest in Headrests
XUB Headlight Cleaner Cover Painted Exterior Color
XXG Clear Tail Lights
XXZ Foot Rest Aluminum Driver’s side foot rest in aluminum and rubber.
ZBU Audio System Package
ZCL Central Locking Wheels
ZLR Lightweight Battery
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