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options 980 Carrera GT

Code Description
83 Black Leatherette Clubsport Interior
382 GT Driver Seat 10mm Higher
383 GT Passenger Seat 10mm Higher
386 Bucket Seat XT Driver Side
387 Bucket Seat XT Passenger Side
406 19″/20″ Carrera GT wheel
501 Car Cover
572 Air Conditioning
577 Luggage Set Ascot Brown
578 Luggage Set Terracotta
579 Luggage Set Dark Grey
690 Porsche Online Pro CD Radio
691 No Radio Desired
2422 Leather to Sample Carrera GT
2426 Paint to Sample Carrera GT
2427 Carrera GT Custom Tailoring
FLY Air Transportation From PAG
FLYE Air Freight Atlanta
FLYW Air Freight Los Angeles
GAC Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel
GAD Carbon Fiber Handbrake
GAE Handbrake Lever with Porsche Logo
GAF Instrument Cover Stitched
GAG Gear Lever Carbon Fiber
GAH Gear Lever in Leather
GAM Sunvisors Leather Stitched
GAP Upper Door Finishers Stitched
GAR Center Console Stitched
GAS Thicker Armrest Stitched
GAT Hardtop Mounting Trim Leather
GAU Hardtop Mounting Trim Aluminum
GAV Seat Belt Retractor Leather
GAW Seat Belt Retractor Aluminum
GAY Rear View Mirror Leather
GAZ Instrument Panel Leather
GBA Loudspeakers Covered Aluminum
GBC Air Vent Slats Aluminum
GBD Air Vent Slats Leather
GBE Door Opener Leather
GBG Defroster and Door Trim Leather
GBH Seat Rails Leather
GBJ Seat Belts Speed Yellow
GBK Seat Belts Guards Red
GBL Seat Belts Silver-Grey
GBR Floor Mats
GBS CD Storage Box Leather
GBT Thicker Steering Wheel Leather
GBW Brake Caliper Coated Red
GBX Brake Caliper Coated Silver
GBY Brake Caliper Coated in Black
GCA Three Spoke Steering Wheel Leather
GCB Wheels Painted Exterior Color
GOTZ Transportation to Zuffenhausen
S9Y Tourist Delivery PAG Code
SWE Material Type E
SWE01 Material Type E
SWZ Material Type Z
SWZ01 Material Type Z
SWZ02 Material Type Z
SWZ03 Material Type Z
SWZ04 Material Type Z
TD6 Tourist Delivery
VA5 Tourist Delivery Code
Z2425 Deviating Seat Stitching Carrera GT
Z2442 Interior Natural Leather Black
Z2482 GT Seat Belts Deviating Color
Z2500 Interior Stitching Deviating Color
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