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Message From Paris 2017


Message From Paris 2017 – They Aren’t Making Them Anymore


The message from Paris 2017 appears clear!

Rare 1990’s Air Cooled Porsches are now firmly established as such and unless there is a global economic meltdown prices will not be going down – simply put the market is clearing without the need for lower prices.

The financial bull market started in March 2009 and it took a few years from then for Porsches to start their own rise to new highs. Now several years later, with the financial markets showing no signs of slowing, the Paris auction tells us that the established true collectibles – the rare, low production and unique models – are being scooped up by a widening number of buyers with the wealth to compete for the very few cars that come to market – and as a result price increases will not be slowing.

With regard to the super low production strassen Porsches – from the 959 (a relatively high production model in this group) through the 993 GT2 – in total literally less than 700 cars worldwide were built all models combined (and sub groups in that count where only a few dozen if that were built) and it is now quite clear that if you want to own one you cannot be too particular and you cannot be shy about spending what it takes to do so.

On the other hand higher volume models, like the 964 3.6 RS and 993 3.8 RS, even if considered collectible, are falling in price. They are just not that rare. Contrarily very low production millennial (model year 2000 and later) models are appreciating at an accelerated pace perhaps a forecast of their future valuation.

Here are some examples to point from Paris. We far underestimated the demand for the super rare and as a result we are increasing estimates for the Amelia Island auction results by 15%. So reload your checkbook if you want to have success come those auctions!

1988 959 Sport
– 11,538 miles
– 3 owner
– 100% original paint
super rare model 29 built
– sale price €1,960,000

1995 993 Turbo Cabriolet
– 18,000 KM
– 2 owner
super rare model 14 built
– sale price €1,344,000

1994 3.6 Turbo S Package
– 23,000 miles
super rare model 17 built
– sale price €901,600