PORS9 ... World's Largest Porsche Registry and Owner to Owner Network


What is PORS9 and the PORS9 Registry?

PORS9SM is common short hand for Porsche throughout the world and is an acronym for what we are Porsche Owner’s Registry SiteTM – and a platform supporting owner-to-owner transactions. PORS9 is the worlds largest vehicle database and registry for Porsche millennial GT, Turbo and Limited Edition 9** models originally sold in North America.

How does it work?

Anyone can search our database using our database Search App. Once target vehicles are identified we contact their owners to engage a transaction. Acting as concierge we facilitate documentation exchange and price negotiation. Post sale we affirm vehicle and title transfer.

What is the Search App and how do I use it?

The Search App is the window into our proprietary database. It is an intuitive step through search tool that uses a subset of parameters to identify actual production vehicles initially sold in North America. This software sorts through our entire database of 20,000 Porsche VIN’s, in real-time, to generate a list of specific vehicles matching user defined parameters. Once satisfied with a selection of matches users can submit to receive detailed build summaries of the individual vehicle’s included in the search results.

What Experian Autocheck data do you share?

We have an agreement with Experian to share critical data on select vehicles. Experian data can only be viewed by those with Member status. Experian Autocheck print reports are also available through us.

Viewable Experian Autocheck data is as follows:

Experian Owners – estimated number of owners – sourced from DMV records
Experian Mileage – estimated current mileage – sourced from DMV, warranty and dealer records
Experian Accidents – recorded accidents – sourced from DMV and insurance records
Experian Score – proprietary Experian Autocheck rating – multiple factors, less than 85 score should be investigated in further detail


Which vehicles are part of the registry?

Turbo Models
– 997.1 Turbo, 997.2 Turbo, 997 Turbo S, 997 GT2, 997 GT2 RS
GT Models
– 997.1 GT3, 997.2 GT3, 997.1 GT3 RS, 997.2 GT3 RS (3.8), 997.2 GT3 RS (4.0), 991.1 GT3, 991.1 GT3 RS
Special Models
– 980 Carrera GT, 997 Speedster, 918 Spyder, 991 911 R


How do I know what to search for?

The data sections of our website contain the world’s most comprehensive collection of millennial Porsche information publicly available from a single source. There can be found, listed by model and year, standard and optional specifications and their descriptions, actual production interior and exterior colors, and full production summaries. We are proud to say that everyone from novice enthusiasts to subject matter experts use our data as educational and reference material. We are the open source for Porsche data.

Do you purchase vehicles?

Although we contractually function as a purchase intermediary we do not purchase vehicles for inventory. We operate as a match-maker only. We do not compete with our clients or dealers for vehicles and we never step in front of a transaction. We do not take title to vehicles. PORS9 is operated by Concours By Appointment LLC (CBA) a bonded and licensed auto brokerage specialist.

What is ‘member status’ and how does my status affect my experience using PORS9?

Members status defines your relationship with CBA and your interface with the PORS9 registry.

Member status’ are Subscriber, Client and Owner. Members can view various depths of data in the database depending upon their status. Although Clients must sign a simple one page agreement protecting the confidentiality of Experian AutoCheck data, there is not cost to becoming a Client. Owner are registrees of vehicles in the database.

Once you contact an owner what happens?

We verify certain minimum information regarding the vehicle, including current mileage and condition. We also determine if the owner is interested in entertaining an offer for their vehicle. If they are interested we will enter into simultaneous contracts with the seller and buyer whereby each will commit to a negotiation process to close a purchase transaction. If the buyer and seller come to mutually satisfactory terms then a purchase transaction is consummated.

Can I have a prepurchase inspection?

Yes. CBA can arrange for a pre-purchase inspection at the buyer’s expense. Inspection may be provided through our tech inspector partners or at a seller designated location agreeable to buyer. Generally most any requirement can be accommodated if agreeable to the seller.

Can I view the car personally?

Yes. Prior to closing CBA can arrange for the buyer to view the vehicle in person before final payment.

When does the seller get paid, how do I get the vehicle title and the vehicle?

We are responsible for obtaining all documentation from the seller. Purchase monies are not transferred to a seller until the buyer is satisfied with the vehicle’s condition and documentation. Upon proof of good funds to seller, we obtain the fully executed, free and clear, good title to the vehicle from the seller. Upon receipt of good title, purchase funds are transferred to the seller to close the transaction and the vehicle title is forwarded to the buyer. The buyer will then connect with the seller to arrange vehicle transport logistics.

What does the service cost?

There is no cost for our services unless a transaction closes. Our fixed commission structure is stated upfront and is the lowest in the business! Contact Us to discuss our commission program.

Why don’t you provide VIN information?

There are several reason we do not provide Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN’s) first and foremost of which is protecting the privacy of owner identities and vehicle locations. Legal and commercial data services also place restrictions on the disclosure of VIN related information which in turn limits our ability to share this information until a purchase transaction closes. Seller’s also may require that their vehicle not be ‘shopped’ in the traditional sense. Since vehicles are not identified by VIN in the PORS9 system, even if a vehicle is widely offered to our client base, by design it cannot be ‘shopped’ (as that process is commonly understood) as it cannot be individually identified. Finally, VIN’s and associated information, including owner information, are the proprietary data of CBA and our stock in trade. Qualified buyers will always know the VIN and have access to VIN related documentation at the appropriate time prior to purchase.

Why are owner identities hidden?

We have a strong reputation for protecting owner privacy. Privacy is an important part of what owners require to maintain confidence that will not be inundated by unwanted solicitation from dealers, brokers and prospective buyers as a result of working with CBA. We are highly respected for using formulated policies and procedures designed to protect owners from unwanted solicitation and work to maintain 100% anonymity.

What if I have further questions?

Please Contact Us to discuss your needs, concerns and questions. We are here to support the community of Porsche buyers with the industry’s best information on millennial Porsches, their configuration, history and current ownership. We suggest that you reference the vehicle data section of our website which contains the world’s most comprehensive assembly of information on millennial Porsches publicly available from any single source. Although most vehicle related questions can be answered by reviewing the data available on our website – if not, then we are happy to fill in the blanks.

Our engine is running 24/7/365 to ensure we are bringing the Porsche community the best the market has to offer!