PORS9 ... World's Largest Porsche® Registry and Owner Network


What is the PORS9 Registry?

‘PORS’ is common short hand for Porsche® throughout the world and is an acronym for what we are … a Porsche® Owner’s Registry Site. PORS9 is the worlds largest vehicle database and registry for Porsche® GT, Turbo and Limited Series 9** models originally sold in North America. The PORS9 registry was developed by Mark Smith proprietor of Concours By Appointment, a bonded and licensed specialty brokerage.

What is the Search App and how do I use it?

The PORS9 Search App is a window into our proprietary database. Anyone can search our database to determine how many vehicles of a particular specification were built and to identify the vehicles meeting those specifications. The app is an intuitive step through search tool that uses a subset of parameters to identify actual production vehicles initially sold in North America. In real-time it sorts through our entire database of 20,000+ Porsche® VIN’s.

Which vehicles are part of the registry?

Turbo Models
– 997 Turbo, 997 Turbo S, 997 GT2, 997 GT2 RS, 991 Turbo, 991 Turbo S, 991 GT2 RS

GT Models
– 997 GT3, 997 GT3 RS, 991 GT3, 991 GT3 RS

Limited Models
– 980 Carrera GT, 997 Speedster, 918 Spyder, 991 911 R

How do I find more information on the models in the PORS9 Registry?

The Vehicle Data section of our website contains the world’s most comprehensive collection of Porsche® vehicle information publicly available from a single source. There can be found, listed by model and year, standard and optional specifications and their descriptions, actual production interior and exterior colors, and full production summaries. We are proud to say that everyone from novice enthusiasts to subject matter experts use our data as educational and reference material. We are the open source for Porsche® data.

What Experian Autocheck data do you have?

We have an agreement with Experian to share vehicle history data contained in AutoCheck reports. Experian data can only be viewed by those with Member status – please join for free. Experian Autocheck print reports – on any vehicle – are also available through PORS9 with a membership upgrade.

What is ‘member status’ and how does my status affect my experience using PORS9?

Your status defines your relationship with CBA and what data you can access using the PORS9 Search App. Casual visitors are ‘Subscribers’. Visitors who register – for free – are ‘Members’ and can view various depths of data in the database not available to Subscribers. Additional upgrades to view more data and to receive Experian Autocheck reports are available.

What are your fees?

We do not charge for access to basic data contained in our database. A status upgrade to Member is free and grants access to additional data at no charge. Paid upgrades are available that include access to more data, VIN unredacted data and Experian AutoCheck reports (including AutoCheck reports on vehicles not in our database). The cost of upgrades varies, current rates and included services can be viewed on our upgrade page.

Why don’t you provide VIN information?

There are several reason we do not provide Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN’s) first and foremost of which is protecting the privacy of owner identities and vehicle locations. Legal and commercial data services also place restrictions on the disclosure of VIN related information which in turn limits our ability to share this information until a purchase transaction is closing.

Do you buy and sell vehicles?

Through the PORS9 Marketplace we contractually function as a purchase intermediary – we do not purchase vehicles for inventory. We operate as a match-maker only. We do not compete with our clients or dealers for vehicles and we never step in front of a transaction. We do not take title to vehicles.

What if I have further questions?

Please Contact Us to discuss your needs, concerns and questions. We are here to support the community of Porsche® enthusiasts with the industry’s best information on the models we cover, their configuration, history and ownership. Although most vehicle related questions can be answered by reviewing the data available on our websites – if not, we are happy to fill in the blanks.

Our engine is running 24/7/365 to ensure we are bringing the Porsche® community the best the market has to offer!