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FAQ’s P9 Paid Services

What is P9 Paid Premium?

P9 paid services provide auto dealers, brokers, collectors and traders access to the production data contained in the P9 Registry database, access to market statistics updated daily and an exclusive set of real time market based valuation tools. This is the same proprietary data which we use for everything from our highly accurate P9 Registry auction previews to our Over Under Drive podcasts.

There are no comps for P9 Registry – bulk valuations sources are too high level, non-current and non specific. You can take your chances with the pages of KBB, Edmunds, Hagerty and rest of non marque specialists who employ teams of statistician to analyze high level data purchased in bulk – but here is the truth direct form the pages of the NADA guide as regards the high end vehicles produced by the world’s high end marques … ‘The NADA guides value is an attempt to value the daily-driven vehicle, not the quasi-collectible you possess.’

P9 Premium is the indispensable tool kit which everyone dealing in GT, Turbo or Limited Series Porsches must have. Only available through P9 Registry!

Who should use P9 Premium?

Anyone buying or selling or watching the markets for high value Porsches worldwide:

  • franchise and independent dealers
  • brokers and traders
  • collectors and live auction participants
  • private buyers and sellers
  • valuation estimators
  • enthusiasts, influencers, market experts, bloggers, and journalists

What data is available?

Here are a few highlights of what P9 Premium provides:

  • VIN searchable build information on 40,000+ North American Porsche vehicles
  • tens of thousands of vehicle market histories spanning a decade
  • 250,000+ vehicle images and growing
  • daily feeds of new ad listings updated on the optimal refresh cycle for each model – delivered by email
  • an incredible suite of production comps and data sets on dozens of models by body type
  • real market analytics updated daily
  • real time valuation tools based on market data and user inputs
  • Experian Autocheck data by VIN
  • check the latest feature log to review the many resources included with P9 Premium

What is the P9 Spider?

The P9 Spider is a highly sophisticated software application developed by CBA to acquire data using highly advanced proprietary crawling technology designed for large scale web harvesting in compliance with robots exclusion protocols. It allows us to amalgamate dozens of data sources to capture and provide more up to date data than any other single source. P9 Spider data is a core element of P9 Premium service producing data which is not available anywhere else.

What is the difference between P9 Premium and P9 Basic Membership?

View the comp table outlining the primary differences between casual user access (Subscriber), free registered member access (Member) and P9 Premium access.

How does it work?

It’s simple. Your email address allows you to access all of the P9 Premium services. Use your email address in any of our vehicle view or search forms to view P9 Premium results instantly on the web. Receive to your email in box the P9 Premium daily market P9 Spider updates and real-time notifications of new data adds to P9 Premium.

What does it cost?

P9 Premium is currently available for only $99 per month per user (less than a latte a day). Auto dealer sales and finance teams, individual buyers and sellers, and brokers, collectors and traders will save unparalleled time and money using P9 Premium – for the price of a latte per day! No one should buy or sell or even be thinking about being in the market without it.

What if I have further questions?

Please Contact Us to discuss your needs, concerns and questions. We are here to support the community of Porsche® enthusiasts with the industry’s best information on the models we cover, their configuration, market and ownership history and current market values.

Our engine is running 24/7/365 to ensure we are bringing the Porsche® community the best the market has to offer!