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FAQ’s P9 Premium

What is P9 Premium?

P9 Premium is paid service which provides auto dealers, brokers, collectors and traders access to the raw data in the PORS9 database. This is the same proprietary data which we use for everything from the PORS9 Monthly Market Updates, to our highly accurate PORS9 Auction Previews hammer price estimates, to staking real time values on 2nd Hammer Porsche buy-sell transactions.

P9 Premium is the indispensable tool-kit which everyone dealing in GT, Turbo or Limited Series Porsches must have. And it’s only available through PORS9!

Who should use it?

Anyone buying or selling or watching the markets for high value Porsches worldwide:

  • franchise and independent dealers
  • brokers and traders
  • collectors and live auction participants
  • private buyers and sellers
  • valuation estimators
  • enthusiasts, influencers, market experts, bloggers, and journalists

What data is available?

Here are a few highlights of what P9 Premium provides:

  • build information on 40,000+ North American Porsche vehicles
  • thousands of vehicle market histories searchable by VIN
  • 250,000+ vehicle images from ad historical listings
  • daily feeds of new ad listings and 90 day recycles
  • Experian Autocheck data by VIN
  • searchable and sortable monthly market updates by vehicle
  • complete features comparison table

What is the P9 Spider?

The Spider is a highly sophisticated software application developed by CBA which allows us to amalgamate over a dozen data sources to create the PORS9 database. Spider data is at the core of P9 Premium service and the data not available anywhere else except through PORS9.

What is the daily P9 Spider email?

On a 24 hour cycle the Spider matches the universe of ad listings to the 40,000+ VIN PORS9 database. New listings and VIN’s which have not been updated by the Spider for 90 days are added to a daily Spider table. Each day the new Spider table vehicles are amalgamated and forwarded by email to P9 Premium users. The email contains all historical listing data, and P9 vehicle page and ad source links.

What are the P9 Premium vehicle page labels?

  • most page labels are self-explanatory
  • Last Price Spidered = most recent vehicle ad asking or buy it now price
  • Last Mileage Spidered = most recent vehicle ad mileage listed
  • Spider Source = most recent vehicle ad platform
  • Spider Link = hyperlink to the most recent vehicle ad
  • Spider Data = historical ad listing data on a 90 day cycle including historical listing data and ad links
  • Spider Image = most recent vehicle ad images
  • AutoCheck Report = most recently pulled Experian Autocheck report.

What are the P9 Premium data headers?

  • most table headers are self-explanatory – all vehicles listed have an active Spider within the past 90 days
  • Price = most recently Spidered vehicle ad asking or buy it now price
  • Mileage = most recently Spidered vehicle ad mileage listed
  • 1st Spider = date of earliest Spider event in the database
  • Days On = days on market per the Spider
    • 0 = less than 90 days
      90 = 90 to 180 days
      180 = more than 180 days
  • P9 Link = link to P9 vehicle page – input your email address to view P9 Premium content
  • Ad Link = link to the most recently Spidered platform ad

Which ad platforms do you share?

We use multiple platforms to acquire data. Our current arrangements allow us to share two of the largest, cars.com and ebay.com. These two platforms are predominant cross placement platforms used by most commercial and private sellers and provide 95% market coverage.

What is the difference between P9 Premium and PORS9 Basic Membership?

View the comp table outlining the primary differences between casual user access (Subscriber), free registered member access (Member) and P9 Premium access.

How does it work?

It’s simple. Your email address allows you to access all of the P9 Premium services. Use your email address in any of our vehicle view or search forms to view P9 Premium results instantly on the web. Use your email to log in to view P9 Premium market intelligence content in searchable tables. Receive to your email in box the P9 Premium daily market Spider update and real-time notifications of new data adds to P9 Premium.

What does it cost?

P9 Premium is available for a limited time for only $99 per month per user (less than a latte a day). Every user requires their own log in which allows for simultaneous access. Auto dealer sales and finance teams, individual buyers and sellers, and bokers, collectors aand traders will save unparalleled time and money using P9 Premium – for the price of a latte per day! No one should buy or sell without it.

What if I have further questions?

Please Contact Us to discuss your needs, concerns and questions. We are here to support the community of Porsche® enthusiasts with the industry’s best information on the models we cover, their configuration, market and ownership history and current market values.

Our engine is running 24/7/365 to ensure we are bringing the Porsche® community the best the market has to offer!