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  • PORS9 is a database of 20,000 Porsches across 16 models.
  • How many were built? What is the color count?
  • Own a GT, Turbo or Limited Series Porsche? Your car is already in our database!
  • With PORS9 buyers can be pitchers not catchers … not just settling for whatever is on the market from time to time! Sellers can market their cars without shopping them. And all at a cost that is far below what traditional dealers demand.

    Using our proprietary Search App buyers have access to the entire universe of North American models produced to find vehicles matching their interest. Once vehicles of interest are identified we use our access to owners of those vehicles to engage in a purchase negotiation behalf of the buyer.

    Sellers can list their cars connecting through our database with prospective buyers – without disclosing information they wish to remain private or confidential such as their personal identity or the vehicle’s VIN. We can use our wide distribution capability to market vehicles and to engage pre-screened buyers in a purchase negotiation on behalf of the seller.

    Our Search App’s step through design is intuitive, easy to use and accessible on all desktop and mobile platforms. Simply select a model and start drilling down. Start your search and find the answers you are looking for … and the perfect Porsche!

    Searching is free and requires no registration – there is no cost and no obligation.